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Present Dogs

We don't have any Basenjis living at Braeside with us at the moment, we are hoping to add a new addition to our family later on.

Kindu Sunset at Kibali at Tenfield (Bwindi)
(Domewood the Red Devil ex Kindu Midnight Breeze 1CC, 2 Res CCs)

Born: 24/01/96
Sex:  Female
Clear Eye Certificate for PPM
Tested clear for Fanconi August 2002

Championship Show winner, Best AVNSC Hound Puppy Driffield Ch Show 1996

Bwindi is a 'Storm' grand-daughter.  Her pet name is Swahili meaning 'darkness' and comes from the 'Bwindi' Impenetrable Rainforest in the Virunga Mountains, Central Africa - where we were lucky enough to track Mountain Gorillas.   She has not been shown since May 1997.  Bwindi was spayed March 2000 and moved to County Durham (where she is in heaven - spoilt and adored) to live with Kim's parents in August of that year.
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Past Dogs

Roina Purple Idyll (Bang)
(Ch Roina Red Reeve of Redesgarth ex Ch Roina Silver Kapoeta)

Born: 19/01/78, died April 1992 age14 years
Sex:  Female

Championship Show winner, Open Show BOB winner, KC Stud Book No.

Bang was famous during the 1980s for venturing into all breed obedience competitions - Basenjis are not known for their obedience!  She was the culmination of a dream for me (Kim), as I had always wanted a Basenji from an early age.  She was my first 'proper' show dog and won 2nd in Puppy Bitch on her first Championship Show outing at Leicester in 1978.  Unfortunately two separate matings to Ch Bokoto Nile Wanderer and Perelyn Persuader failed to result in puppies and Bang was spayed age 7 years.
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Bush Storm of Tenfield (Storm)
(Ch Benjalah Golden Firebrand ex Blackpits Pochard over Bredand)

Born: 22/12/1982, died 1998 age 15 years
Sex:  Male

4 Res CCs (including Crufts 1988), 28 BOBs, BCGBs top winning Tricolour four years running, Club Ch Show BPIS and Res BIS, Club Open Show BIS, 98 First Prizes

Storm was my best friend and made many dreams come true.  His only two litters produced 1 red/white and 7 tricolour puppies including two tricolour CC winners, a tricolour Swedish Champion and a tricolour son unbeaten at Ch Shows.  He was the grandfather of Bwindi.
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Storm at 6 months

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