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The Boys

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Past Goldens

Show/Working Progeny Bred at Tenfield

Show/Working Progeny Sired By The Boys for Other Breeders

June 2007 - Left to right, Reiver, Rowan, Teal, Chase, Bungle, Tor, Solar, Pepper
& Tor's daughter Misty (borrowed from Sara Woodward - Wylyevalley Goldens)

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Tenfield Border Rambler JW
Tenfield Border Patrol JW
Tenfield Sea Biscuit 
                   AT STUD


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Tenfield Something Special
  (owned and loved by Sharon & Gary Pike)
Tenfield Chamomile
Tenfield Ivory Gull
Cailloch Racer to Tenfield JW
(now living with Jane and Dermot McDaid)
Champion Tenfield Maori Venture JW
Tenfield Bindaree

                                                           Past Goldens   Animation1.gif (1980 bytes)                                                 Photo taken by Heili Einasto whilst dog walking on Salisbury Plain
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'Teal'   Tenfield Silver Gull
'Darwin'   Tenfield All At Sea
'Rhyme'   Stanroph Spring Rose at Tenfield
'Race'   Tenfield Rambling Runaway
'Ramble'   Champion Unavale Kitywake of Tenfield
'Rusty'   Rambling Reef

Show/Working Progeny Bred at Tenfield   Animation1.gif (1980 bytes)
Many have only been sparingly shown, but there is a place for all of them, whether they win or lose ...

'Devon'   Tenfield Rambling Rhythm of Crowshott 
Visit the Crowshott Website at www.crowshott.co.uk
'Mabel'   Tenfield Rough and Tumble
'Hailey'   Tenfield Atlantic Quest (Bermuda)
'Daisy'   Tenfield Vienna Quest (Germany)
'Bentley'   Tenfield Challenger
'Keltie'   Tenfield Tigris
'Yarka'   Tenfield Trimaran (Canine Partners)
Click here to see a Youtube video of Yarka doing agility training
here to see a press release featuring Yarka doing a school demo
'Fig'   Tenfield Border Racer (France)
Visit the Beauchasseur website at www.goldenretrievers.me.uk
'Simba'   Tenfield Merryman  AT STUD IN NORFOLK
'Caelan'   Tenfield Ilex
'George'   Tenfield Sea Patrol JW    AT STUD IN WILTSHIRE
Visit George's website at
'Holly'   Tenfield Silver Sea Spray
'Reiver'   Tenfield Sea Diamond
Click here to see Reiver's web page
'Alvin'   Tenfield Tori  (Estonia
Visit Alvin's owner Heili's brilliant website at http://ringokris.googlepages.com
'Roo'   Tenfield Tern (Dogs For The Disabled)
'Mungo'   Tenfield Golden Miller  AT STUD IN NORFOLK
'Echo'   Tenfield Celtic Echo of Cailloch
Visit the Cailloch website at http://www.cailloch.co.uk
'Pepper'   Tenfield Carraway
'Zeke'   Tenfield Clansman (Dogs for the Disabled)
'Leela'   Tenfield Future's Bright (Bermuda)
'Ugo'   Tenfield Free Ranger (Dogs for the Disabled)

Photo taken by Heili Einasto whilst dog walking on Salisbury Plain


'Marston'   Tenfield Brandysnap of Crowshott 
'Monty'   Tenfield Storm Warning with Unavale

Show/Working Progeny Sired By The Boys   Animation1.gif (1980 bytes)
Visit the boys own web pages for more information about progeny sired  ...                        

'Misty'   Arbutus Springhouse for Wylyevalley
Click here to see Misty's webpage on Champdogs
'Chaz'   Goldiemay Border Cascade
Click here to see Chaz's webpage on Champdogs
'Corran'   Cailloch Flamboyant                         http://www.cailloch.co.uk
'Chloe'   Cailloch Prima Donna                      http://www.cailloch.co.uk
'Hugo'   Trekronor Limited Edition (Germany)
Visit Hugo's website at http://www.mywinterparadies.de
'Red'   Amilone Red Rascal (Sweden)
Visit Red's website at http://www.grainofgolds.com/


  Amilone Lilli Marlene
Click here to see the Champdogs page for the Amilone girls
Click here to see Lanya winning Reserve Best Puppy in Show United Retriever Club Spring Open Show 2009


  Amilone The Laird (France)
Visit the Hareswith website at http://www.englishgoldenretrievers.eu/


  Amilone Gingernut  - Owned by my brother and his family

From left to right, Tor's daughter Misty, Pepper, Solar, Tor, Bungle, Chase, Teal, Rowan, Reiver


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