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Welcome to the home of Tenfield Dual Purpose Golden Retrievers and 'Crisp' the Beagle
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Puppies ready to go in April - Visit our Puppy Page for information on Golden Retriever puppies available by 'Reiver'

Ch Tenfield Maori Venture JW - SGRS Top Winning Golden Retriever Bitch 2009
March 2010 - Pepper wins the Bitch CC and Best Bitch at CRUFTS (225 bitches entered)
May 25th 2010 - Pepper becomes a mum to 7 girls and 3 boys, what a star!

Pepper winning the Bitch CC at Crufts 2010
Visit Pepper's page by selecting 'Goldens' from the menu bar

Congratulations also to Heili Einasto and Estonian/Latvian Champion TENFIELD TORI

Click on his picture to visit Alvin's website - to gain his Champion title, he had to pass a working gundog test, so we are very proud of both him and Heili.  Alvin lives in Estonia where he is siring quality puppies. 
Two Tenfield Champions in one year!

Not forgetting the smallest resident - the Basenji

Tamu wins the Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show at the Basenji Owners & Breeders Championship Show 2010
Thanks to the judge, breed specialist Mrs Louise Richens
March 2011 - Tamu wins the Reserve Dog CC at CRUFTS - first time out after his CC win
Tamu is only very lightly shown, he is pictured here as a puppy - photo by Alan Walker
Congratulations to his mum Ch & Am Ch Klassic's Million Dollar Baby at Tokaji, top winning Basenji of all time and thanks to her four children she is top Hound brood bitch 2010
Tamu congratulates his CC winning son and Champion daughter from his first and only litter to date - Ch Akmar Queen Ankhesenamun was Top Basenji Puppy 2010

June 2007 - From left to right, at the back are the boys Tor (9 years), Rowan (7), Reiver (3).  Middle row - Solar (8), Chase (4), Bungle (6).  Front - Teal (6), Pepper (13 months), Darwin (13 years).



The Tenfield family live in the village of Durrington within three miles of Stonehenge on the edge of Salisbury Plain.  My dogs are pets first and foremost and they all live and sleep indoors. I try to give them as active and varied a life as I am able and love each and every one of them dearly.  The dogs have better living accommodation than some people and when I recently invested a large sum of money into a new kennel and run, which is only ever used for puppies once or twice a year, one of my friends asked when she could move in!

We are lucky to have many beautiful walks nearby and all of the dogs enjoy daily free-running on the open spaces of nearby Salisbury Plain.

I have been owned by a Golden Retriever continuously since 1975 and have owned Basenjis from Basenjis - Bwindi and brother Malek1978.  Of the dogs I have actively shown - I have owned two Champions, three Best in Show winners, twelve Open Show Best of Breed winners, three Open Show Group winners, two Challenge Certificate winners, four Reserve Challenge Certificate winners, twelve Best Puppy winners, four Best Puppy in Show winners and four Junior Warrant winners, including the Kennel Club's Top Junior Warrant Winner (All Breeds) 1999. Six Tenfield Goldens have attained their Show Gundog Working Certificates, three have won Championship Show Stakes classes, another four have Championship Show Stakes class places and every dog has won first prizes. I have owned seven Goldens and three Basenjis with Stud Book Numbers and bred other Goldens who have won their owner's first Junior Warrants and SBNs.  We have competed in agility, obedience and working tests over the years and all but one of my current Goldens are trained to the gun and have worked on the picking up team for a local shoot during winter months.  Five of my present Goldens have Kennel Club Good Citizen awards and one of the boys is one of only a handful of Goldens (along with his grandson) to have passed the Kennel Club's Working Gundog Certificate in its original two day format.  I like to keep them busy! 

Reiver, Rowan and Teal July 2007A litter is bred here only once, or occasionally twice a year and there is always a waiting list for home reared Tenfield Golden Retriever puppies. Temperament is my first consideration, I try to breed Goldens with happy dispositions, smiley faces and waggy tails.

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I am a member of all of the UK Basenji Breed Clubs and several of the Golden Retriever Clubs.  I am also an Affiliate member of the Kennel Club and member of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, with three accolades.  The ABS promotes good breeding practice and there are set requirements that Accredited Breeders must agree to follow, which encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. 
I am also trained to microchip and am qualified to do this for others, having microchipped hundreds of puppies and adults, including my own.  I use PetDetect chips and all dogs are registered on the Kennel Club's PetLog database.  Click on the logos to find out more about these schemes.  Contact me if your puppies require microchipping .

I endeavour to produce sound healthy and hopefully long lived dogs from parents who meet all of the requirements for health as laid down by the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association and who conform to the Kennel Club Breed Standard.   My aim is to produce not only a good looking, sound moving and old fashioned Golden, but biddable and active family companion with brains and will to please, able to do the job for which they were originally bred.

I am proud to say that that from relatively few litters, several households now have more than one Tenfield Golden Retriever sharing their lives and others have a second generation Tenfield.  Dogs bred here are not only much loved pets, but are also now winning show awards for other people, inTor, Rowan and Reivercluding Open Show Best of Breeds and Best Puppy awards, as well as Championship Show firsts, Stud Book Numbers, Junior Warrants and qualifying for Crufts.  All puppy owners are encouraged to keep in touch and I am always available to offer help and advice to anyone interested in any of the three breeds.

Tenfield Sea Biscuit (Golden Retriever) and Tokaji American Gangster at Tenfield (Basenji) are currently AT STUD to quality bitches who have been hip scored (Goldens), eye tested and Fanconi tested (Basenjis).  All three of my Golden boys (pictured right) are Championship Show first prize winners, Open Show Best of Breed winners and are also working Goldens.  The older boys hold their Junior Warrants and are Gundog Group and Gundog Puppy Group winners.  All three have their Show Gundog Working Certificates and all have sired Junior Warrant winning, Crufts qualifying and working progeny.  Both Tor and Reiver have progeny working for the Charity Canine Partners and Tor is also the father of their first brood bitch 'Xyla'.  Reiver has sired puppies for Dogs for the Disabled and both charities are also working Tenfield Goldens.  See the boys' own pages on the 'Goldens' menu for more information.  Watch this space for CHIEFTAN ....

Please also visit our kennel pages on Champdogs website, which are always kept up to date.


Pepper and half brother Reiver July 2007If you wish to contact me, send an email by clicking on the icon below.  Please note, however, that as I am now a single working doggy parent, the dogs come first and I may not always be around to answer an email straight away.   For a quicker response, it is best to telephone in the evenings - for other times, there is an answer-phone, so please do leave a message and I will call you back.  I do not however, return calls where a mobile number is left, in which case, please keep trying!  I usually know of someone with puppies available, even if there are no puppies here.  See the 'Puppies' page for information on forthcoming litters.

If you are interested in a puppy, I will require some background information about yourself, your family members, your home and lifestyle, including where you live, whether you have owned a pet before, opportunities for exercise and when you hope to welcome a new addition to your home.  The dogs and I welcome visitors by appointment.

If you can answer these questions in detail (and others) I would be glad to hear from you!  Be warned, that I won't sell a puppy if I don't think you are suitable, no matter how far you have travelled - my puppies' welfare is of greatest consideration and I will hold on to them for however long it takes for the right homes to come along. 

Kim Ellis
Telephone:  Stonehenge (01980) 653109



Please note, due to the loss of a server by our website hosting provider, this site was completely lost during  September 2009 and due to work commitments is taking some time to re-upload to cyberspace.  Please bear with me and keep checking back to see if pages have been uploaded - I are getting there!


Visit Kite's webpage to read about her terrible experience with necrotic MASTITIS.  As a result of Kite's illness and after helping other breeders deal with this condition, a footnote on mastitis has been added to her page, with information that hopefully will be helpful to others.Photo by Julia Barnes - at the back left to right are George (Tenfield Sea Patrol JW), Tor and Reiver, middle row Teal, Rowan, Solar, Misty (Arbutus Spring House at Wylyevalley), front on the step are Chase, Bungle and Pepper, at the front is Darwin

I am indebted to Julia Barnes (Gloucestershire) for allowing use of photographs taken during a photo shoot for the book 'Golden Retriever (Best of Breed)' edited by Maurice Shortman - see the READING page for more information on how to obtain this book.
Also to Heili Einasto (Estonia) owner of Tenfield Tori for her great photographs - you can see more of Heili's photographs taken during her stay here in summer 2008 and 2009 at the following links: and

The Goldens and Basenjis have been used in photo shoots for books and magazines, being photogenic, adaptable and trainable.  One photographer with many years experience stated she had never before been able to get all the shots she wanted in one day from one group of dogs, who all did exactly what they were told!  Another magazine used 'Bwindi' the Basenji for a photo shoot, as she was the only Basenji they could find who would 'stay' when asked!  Enquiries are always welcome from agencies, publishers, photographers and even TV/film companies who are looking for Golden or Basenji model. 

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