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I just love judging or stewarding, the opportunity to meet other people and see some wonderful dogs of many different breeds.  I have had great satisfaction from a very good record of seeing my Best of Breed or Best Any Variety winners going on to win Groups or Best in Show places under other judges and have judged Gundog, Hound and lately Terrier Groups, all over the UK.  I have also been lucky enough to have been invited to judge Best in Show and Stakes classes at Open Shows. 
I award Challenge Certificates in Basenjis and Golden Retrievers and was delighted to judge breed club Championship Shows for both of my favourite breeds during 2009 - Golden Retriever Club of Scotland (Bitches - see photos below) in April and Basenji Owners & Breeders Association (see photos below that) in October, what a great honour!! 
I have also judged Golden Retrievers overseas in Italy and Estonia and have other overseas appointments lined up.

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Championship Show - April 2009
Me on the left with my fellow judge Paula Edwards and my three bitch winners, from left to right CC & Best in Show Sh Ch Leekerwen Top Teesha JW ShCM, Res CC Shearstone Double Delight JW and Best Puppy in Show Thornywait Pussycat Doll with Roxali.
Paula and I were in complete agreement for all of the top awards - below left is Best Veteran, also my bitch winner Ch & Ir Ch Linirgor Ever Hopeful JW ShCM and on the right are the BIS winning bitch and Best Dog Chlodyl Rodney JW.
For more photos and full results, visit the GRC of Scotland website: - http://www.goldenretrieverclubofscotland.com/2009ChampShowPictures.htm

All photos are by the very talented Linsey Dunbar (Linirgor Golden Retrievers)


Basenji Owners & Breeders Association Championship Show - October 2009
Below left is the Dog CC winner and Reserve Best in Show Ch Benkura Take A Chance On Me.  Below right are the bitches, red/white Reserve CC winner Akmar Meritamen of Bushwacker and tricolour CC & Best in Show Ch Jethard Pardon Me Boys.
Photos by kind permission of Sally Wallis (Zande Basenjis - http://www.photography-by.zandebasenjis.com/boba09.html)


 I am on judging lists for the following breeds:

Basenjis (A1 - Clubs and Breed Council)
Golden Retrievers (A1 -
Clubs and Breed Council)
Labrador Retrievers (C)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (C)
Basset Fauve De Bretagne (C)
Beagles (C)
Ibizan Hounds (C)

I have been judging Basenjis since 1985 and have awarded Challenge Certificates in the breed since 1994.  Having been a member of all three UK Basenji Breed Clubs for over 20 years, I am on the A1 judging list for all of them.  I served on the committee of the Northern Basenji Society for seven years during the 1980s.  

I have been judging Goldens at Open Shows since 1986 and had my first Championship Show appointment in 2009, I am proud to say by virtue of a members ballot.  I am on the Golden Retriever Breed Council's A3 judging list.  For some years, I enjoyed organising the annual Show Gundog Working Certificate day for the Golden Retriever Club, until forced to resign from the Executive Committee in 2006 due to personal circumstances.

Mossburn Bla Manj - Brensham Observer - Robscraig Saffron - Harsett Normandy at Nosam
Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Veteran & Best Puppy
Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Open Show 2004

Hound Club of East Anglia 2003 - My Best of Breed Basset Fauve Sweetdean Pina Colada of Houndsline wins Best In Show 4 - that's me on the leftI have passed examinations to judge Gordon Setters and Field Spaniels and have also attended breed specific seminars on the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Afghan Hound, Basset Hound, Basset Fauve De Bretagne, Petit and Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, Large Munsterlander, Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel as well as two Kennel Club Conformation and Movement seminars and also passed the Kennel Club Rules & Regulations examination.  Always ready to learn something new!

Another closely related aspect I enjoy is stewarding.  I did quite a bit of stewarding as 'ring-sekretarin' writing critiques for British judges whilst living in Germany, for the Golden Retriever Club e.V., Deutscher Retriever Club e.V. and Britische Hutehunde Club (Pastoral breeds).  Prior to that I served Darlington Championship Show for many years working in their 'Awards' tent - not that you ever saw much of the show!  I also stewarded twice a year in the obedience rings for Skernedale Dog Training Club.  Lately I have enjoyed stewarding on the odd occasion at Open Shows and for Bath, Bournemouth and Southern Counties Championship Shows, I would steward more often if I had someone at home to look after the dogs.

I count myself lucky to have had as mentors in my early days, amongst others, Betty Farrand (W/H Dachshunds & German Shorthaired Pointers), Ron Thackrah (Roina Basenjis), Mary Herring (Redesgarth Basenjis), Connie Graham (Courtlands Basenjis and Chinese Crested), Alec Watson (Ramlacim Beagles and Skye Terriers), Jean and Wal Westren (Deanery Beagles) - such true and honest northern dog people, always keen to share knowledge and information.  Some of these are no longer with us and will always be remembered by me with fond memories.  Kath Russell (Kingsway Basenjis) also holds special memories, she was always pounced on at every local show by an enthusiastic teenager just wanting to be around and learn about Basenjis.

One of my never to be forgotten moments was on one of my early judging appointments at Driffield Championship Show where Basenjis had no CCs.  I had given Sharon Hooley's (now Sargent's) Bokoto Nile Running Fox (later Ch) Best of Breed.  In the Group I found myself at the judges top table seated behind the great Joe Braddon.  When the Basenji was moved and later shortlisted, he commanded 'Who judged Basenjis today?'  I found myself squeaking 'Me'.  He then congratulated me on sending forward such a magnificent specimen - he would never know how good that made me feel!