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General Dog Shows Breeder Friends
Discover Dogs

The Kennel Club

Scottish Kennel Club

Kennel Club of Jersey

American Kennel Club

CLA Gamefair

Countryside Alliance

National Dog Tattoo Register

Pet Plan Insurance


Dog Club

Find a Dog Breed (The Kennel Club)

Find a Puppy (The Kennel Club)

Dogs for the Disabled

Canine Partners

Cinammon Trust

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

World Wide Fund for Nature

UK Pets

Westminster (USA)

Fosse Data (Show Schedules & Results)

Higham Press (Show Schedules & Results)

Canine Information Directory
(Show Schedules & Results)

Penney Pine (Open Show Schedules)

Arena Print (Open Show Schedules)

Cavalier Impressions (Open Show Schedules)

FCI Show Schedules

Birmingham City Championship Dog Show

Birmingham National Championship Dog Show

Boston Championship Dog Show

Blackpool Championship Dog Show

Southern Counties Canine Society

Chichester & District Canine Society

Exeter & District Canine Society

Guildford & District Canine Society

Horley & District Show Society

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Marlborough & District Canine Society

Poole Canine Club

Salisbury & South Wilts Canine Society

Swindon & District Canine Society

Westbury & District Canine Society

Companion Dog Shows

Guild of Canine Trades Car Sharing Scheme

Ringcraft Clubs and Societies

The Kennel Club's website also lists dates of forthcoming shows.
Ringokris Golden Retrievers (Estonia)

Amilone Golden Retrievers

Cailloch Golden Retrievers

Beauchasseur Golden Retrievers (France)

Tenfield Sea Patrol

Tenfield Silver Sea Spray

Jessibelle Golden Retrievers

Crowshott Golden Retrievers

My Winter Paradise Golden Retrievers (Germany)

Born To Be Free Golden Retrievers Germany)

Charamese Golden Retrievers & Bonnie the Barbet

Cotswoldgold Golden Retrievers

Tsarmont Golden Retrievers

Hareswith Golden Retrievers (France)

Messano Golden Retrievers

Millgreen Golden Retrievers

Evergolden Golden Retrievers

Akmar Basenjis

Benkura Basenjis

Zordia Basenjis

Zande Basenjis

Shernazar Basenjis

Bushwacker Basenjis, Welsh Springer Spaniels & Bracco Italiano

Silverbriar Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Chihuahua & Basenji

Silmoralbion Eurasiers

Albion Eurasiers

Highclare Welsh Springer Spaniels & Brittanys

Gospelash Gundogs

Moshanta Border Collies

Leiborschy Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas

Training and Behaviour, Books & Publications Natural Health & Homeopathy Dog Rescue, Lost Dogs & Canine Charities
Obedience UK


Taking The Lead

Dog Logic

Dog World

Our Dogs

Country Books Online

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons

Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists

Canine Natural Cures

Holistic/Homeopathic Vet

Natural Animal Health

Canine Natural Cures

Homevet (US)


Dorwest Herbs

Dogs Trust


The Dog Rescue Pages

Give A Dog A Home


Lost, Stolen and Found Dogs

Dog Lost

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter

Swindon & District Animal Haven

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries, S. Glos.

Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue

Dog Theft Action

Food & Accessories Veterinary & Medical Other Breed Clubs & Rescues
Arden Grange

James Wellbeloved




Anglian Meat Products

Croft Kennels

Turner Richards (Gundog Equipment)

Quest Gundogs

Country Mun


MMG Guards

Over The Top Textiles

Stock Nutrition

Denvic Veterinary Bedding


The Animal Health Company

Company of Animals

Diamond Edge


Ryslip Group

Pet Planet

British Veterinary Association

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

Veterinary Medicines Directorate

DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme

Provet (British)

Vetcom (American)


Veterinary Info for Dog Owners

Veterinary Info Network

Eye Vet

Canine Epilepsy

Pets Health Care

Canine Chemists

Vetmedic Pharmacy

Science Direct

The Labrador Retriever Club

The Labrador Rescue Trust

European Labrador Breeder List

Hound Club of East Anglia

British Sighthound Field Association

The Borzoi Club

South Eastern Hound Club

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