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The following books are listed in order of (in our opinion) content and value for money for the pet owner.  These are excellent books and they all have a place on our bookshelf.  Scroll down the page to see an illustration of each book and a description written by us.

If you want to read an independent review or purchase a book from Amazon, then click on the picture or title.  You may like to ask your local library if they can order a title for you.
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Golden Retrievers
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Golden Retriever (Best of Breed)
Edited by Maurice Shortman
ISBN No.  1906305080

The newest book on the Golden, full of beautiful photographic illustrations and a wealth of information, all reasonably priced at 12.99 from bookshops and even less if ordered direct from Amazon.  The editor Maurice owns the Bridgefarm Goldens and he owned Race's father 'Barley'.  Chapters have been written by a hand-picked team of contributors and many of the illustrations throughout the book are of the Tenfield Goldens (including the group pictured on the back cover).  Horror of horrors, there is even a photo of me acting as pack leader on page 88 (which was unexpected!) and Maurice appears on page 19.  Chase illustrates part of the breed standard and Darwin and Tor are the Golden Oldies, just some of the many illustrations using our dogs.  The photography by Julia Barnes is stunning and the text offers readers an unrivalled depth of knowledge about character and behaviour, puppy care and socialisation.  A must have book for the pet owner!



Living with a Golden Retriever
Author: Sally Stewart
ISBN No.  1860541038

Living With a Golden Retriever is sympathetically written and full of beautiful illustrations.  Throughout the book, instructions guide owner and dog in the right direction.  Hard to find but in our opinion the best book to have on your bookshelf as a quick reference guide, as it is so reasonably priced and easy to read.

Golden Retriever (World of Dogs)
Author:  Sue Pounds-Longhurst
ISBN No.  1852790903

This book is comprehensive in its coverage. As well as breed history and a full explanation of showing and working Retrievers, three chapters are devoted to care of the dog at all stages of its life plus further chapters on health and homeopathy, breeding and other aspects of owning a Golden.  If you are thinking of breeding a litter, this book is most helpful.  Expensive but well worth the money.  As I said to the author Sue, I could have written this myself, as we share so many thoughts and opinions on how to rear puppies to adulthood.

Golden Retrievers  - An Owners Companion
Author: Lyn Anderson

A very good all round book, packed full of information and useful tips and advice.  covering the history of the breed, buying and rearing a puppy, adult management, training, breeding, showing, ailments and illnesses and illustrated throughout with black and white photos of some beautiful Goldens of the past.

Pet Owners Guide to the Golden Retriever
Author: Bernard Bargh
ISBN: 1860542786

A book for the pet owner, covering the basics of puppy rearing and care of the adult dogs.  A handy little reference book at little cost.


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Complete Guide to the Golden Retriever
Author: Michael Twist

This guide to the Golden Retriever details the conformation of the breed, their character and temperament. It defines the different types of shows, field trials, working and obedience tests, together with a brief reference to agility. It also gives a resume of hereditary disease. A number of chapters are devoted to gundog training and explain in detail how to set about this task and what to do when things do not go to plan.

A Dog Owners Guide to Golden Retrievers
Author: Marigold Timson
ISBN: 0861014324

This is another basic guide for the pet owner written many years ago, giving advice on feeding and training puppies, special care of the older dog, breeding a litter of puppies and presentation in the show ring. Advice is also given on hip dysplasia, X-raying and the hip scoring scheme.

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Golden Retrievers Today
Author: Valerie Foss

A good all round book covering the origins of the breed, choosing a puppy, basic training and general care.  Much information on showing and the breed standard and a look at the top kennels of the day.  Some very good black and white photographic illustrations, a good book for both the novice and experienced owner.

  The Ultimate Golden Retriever  
Author:  Valerie Foss
ISBN 1860540333

This is truly the ultimate guide to this favourite breed-the only book that provides both U.S. and U.K. breed standards, beautifully presented and illustrated throughout in colour, complete coverage of dog care and health issues, expert guidance on training and showing, and information on the breed and breeders. An expensive book but a must have for the serious Golden enthusiast.

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Golden Retrievers
Author: Bruce Fogle

This part of the Dorling Kindersley Collection, so the quality is guaranteed.  Beautifully illustrated and good basic advice for the first time owner at little cost.


  The Golden Retriever Companion - A Chronicle of Joy
Author: Catherine O’Driscoll
ISBN No. 0952304805

Presently Out of Print and hard to find.  Keep an eye out on Amazon (hyperlinked from the title) as pre-owned copies are often available.  Another must have for breed enthusiasts as it contains photos and interviews with top Golden breeders of the past, as well as much practical advice, written from the heart.






Choosing the Right Dog for You: Profiles of Over 200 Dog Breeds (Hamlyn Reference Series)
Author: Gwen Bailey
ISBN No. 0600610179

If you really don't know which breed of dog to choose, this really is the best contemporary book to help you decide.  Tor (Tenfield Border Rambler JW) is the pin up boy on the Golden Retriever page.

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