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                     Updated April 2011

Thinking of buying a puppy of any breed?  Read this 'What to look out for when buying a puppy'

Planned Litters

Golden Retrievers:

Tenfield Bindaree (Rally) and Champion Tenfield Maori Venture JW (Pepper) are my only breeding bitches and having both had a litter in summer 2010, neither will be mated until probably August 2011.  It is planned to repeat the mating of Rally to Show Champion Squirrelsmead Digby of Canina JW, all being well.  Pepper will probably be mated first and will have a second and final litter, husband to be announced! 
(left) and Rally (right) are pictured below, find out more about them on their own pages on the 'GOLDENS' part of this website and they also have pages on our 'Champdogs' website.   

If you think you might be a suitable home for a Tenfield puppy, it is best to telephone (evenings please).  There is always a waiting list but genuine enquiries are welcome - the dogs sell themselves.  See below for information about puppies available who have a Tenfield connection. 
Puppies are a full-time, as well as a life-time commitment and I will only consider families who have the time and enthusiasm required.  If you are interested in a puppy whether it be a Tenfield or if you need help to find one from another breeder, please let me have as much information about your family, home and circumstances, as possible.  


Although I do not breed Basenjis, I am happy to give breed advice or to put you in touch with a breeder in your area.  Please contact any of the three Breed Club secretaries listed on our 'ABOUT BASENJIS' pages for puppy information and make sure that you have read everything on our pages first to make sure a Basenji is the right dog for you.  You can find out about any adult Basenjis currently available in Breed Rescue by visiting the Basenji Breed Council website.  Fortunately, there are never many!
Tokaji American Gangster at Tenfield may have puppies available in Lincolnshire, summer 2011.

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Litters expected or available by our stud dogs are listed below and we often know of other reputable breeders with puppies available, so keep checking back!  Contact information is available from me - Tel: 01980 653109.

Due 28th February 2011 - Wareham, Dorset.   
Tenfield Sea Biscuit (Reiver) x Serephina Magic (Maggie). 
Two bitch puppies available as at 2nd April 2011, ready to go at Easter.  This is a repeat mating and the puppies are all golden, please phone me for contact details. 

Due 2nd March 2011 - Hythe, Kent
Tenfield Sea Biscuit (Reiver) x Poperinge Kaliska (Meike).
Two dog puppies available as at 2nd April 2011- clever Meike is a member of the Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team (as seen at Crufts) and it is expected that these puppies should have brains and will to please, as well as being real goldens.  These puppies will also be ready to go before the end of April.  As above, please phone me for contact details.

Due 14th April 2011 - Standlake, Witney, Oxfordshire
Tenfield Sea Biscuit (Reiver) x Overdene Niamh Chinn Oir  (Niamh)
Pregnancy confirmed - again these puppies should be dark golden. 

Due 21st May 2011 - Christchurch, Dorset
Tenfield Sea Biscuit (Reiver) x Stradcot Forgetmenot (Misty)
We will know if Misty is pregnant mid April, puppies should be golden.

4 week old puppies July 2007Details of previous Tenfield litters or litters sired by our boys can be found by visiting 'OUR GOLDENS'  These pages also list progeny who are appearing in the show rings in this country and overseas.

Visit our 'FAMILY ALBUM'  page to see more Tenfield 'puppies' in their new homes.  (Note: This page has not yet been rebuilt since the site crashed in September - be patient!)  If you own a Tenfield puppy or a dog with a Tenfield connection, we would be delighted to receive a photo or news by email.

Rally age 5 months October 2007
How much will a Golden Retriever/Basenji/Beagle puppy cost?

The most commonly asked question - in 2010, a well bred Golden Retriever or Basenji from a caring breeder will cost anything between 750-850.  This is quite an average price for pedigree dogs today, Golden Retriever puppies are available more cheaply but often from dubious sources.  Beagle puppies cost more, starting at 800+.  Take into consideration what is included in the price of a puppy and visit more than one breeder before making up your mind.  Read our 'ABOUT GOLDENS / BASENJIS' pages to find out more about the breeds and what to expect when meeting adults.  Read the article already listed at the top of this page 'What to look out for when buying a puppy'.  It may take a little more time and effort to find the right puppy from the right breeder and you should be prepared for maybe a long wait, but the wait should be worth it when you take home a healthy, happy puppy who should be with you for many years to come.

About Tenfield Puppies .....

7 week old puppies July 2007Permanent loving family homes are my first consideration.   I am proud to see my Goldens in the show ring, but this is not my priority - my greatest satisfaction is to see the pleasure and companionship they bring to their owners. Several families have come back for a second, third and even fourth Tenfield Golden because they were well satisfied with their first.  These are our true ambassadorsAll puppies are wormed, Kennel Club registered, ear tattooed (National Dog Tattoo Register), microchipped and insured with PetPlan.  NDTR registration ensures that puppies or adult dogs, recovered after loss or theft, are returned to their owners or ourselves and, of course, it is also a deterrent.  The first Tenfield puppies to be tattooed were way back in 1994 and I now microchip my own puppies, as well as other peoples.

3 week old puppy August 1999 - BisleyAll puppies are reared in the home, they have access to the fresh air daily from 4-5 weeks of age either in our kennel and run or in the garden.   They are allowed to explore inside our home and all are paper trained and partially house trained before they leave, much to the delight of new puppy owners!  Puppies are handled all the time, mix and play with the adult dogs and are exposed to all of the normal household sights and sounds such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, television and so on.   They are very well socialised, tactile and outgoing, and we encourage their prospective new owners to visit at least every two weeks.  Puppies are brought inside to sleep in the house every night and are never left outside alone during the day.  They all understand the meaning of 'come' and 'no' before they even leave here and if you have chosen a name, they have usually learnt that too!

Every puppy leaves home with extensive and detailed rearing guidelines and an information and starter pack, which includes diet sheet, food for at least a week including treats and biscuits, worming tablets, ear wipes, puppy shampoo, a cuddly toy, calcium bone, gundog whistle and the correct grooming equipment if this is your first puppy from us.  I ask all puppy buyers to stay in touch and am thrilled to receive news andTor & Darwins' puppies March 2000 photos of our extended family. 

It is my firm belief that a dog is for life and I ask all puppy buyers to sign a contract.  This contract states amongst other things, that should you for whatever reason ever have to part with your dog, that I will be informed first and have the option to take him or her back if you are ever faced with having to re-homet.  It is my hope that no Tenfield bred Golden or Basenji should ever require the services of breed welfare or end up in rescue kennels.  Not only have I taken care of dogs of my own breeding, but I have also helped with the rescue of other Goldens and Basenjis in need at my own expense - those less fortunate than my own.  There is no greater reward than seeing a happy dog and a doting new owner - but first you have to pass the test!

Chase and 8 day old puppiesI am always available to offer help and advice to anyone interested in either breed.   If you are interested in meeting my family, or just to find out more about dogs in general, Basenjis or Goldens in particular - please contact me, preferably by telephone on 01980 653109 or by email.

Although I have exported  puppies overseas, I have only done so to people I know and have met previously.  I do not ship puppies unaccompanied, so don't even ask! 


In addition to my doggy family, I have also over-wintered several underweight Hedgehog babies over the years, and released them in the Spring.  A long held dream has been to have a dedicated building or shed to help orphan or ill Hedgehogs one day.  Tor helps round up orphans in he winter, retrieving them all to hand in spite of their spines!
What with dogs, puppies and Hedgehogs, it's a busy life here!